Secure Your WordPress Today


We perform a full WordPress security scan for breaches, malware, exploits, backdoors and all other threats and also examine and secure all plugins to make sure there are no security threats.


Our automated platform scans, monitors and protects your WordPress website 24/7 for threats and updates giving you a piece of mind and allowing you to focus on your business.


If your site is already compromised, we perform deep clearing and scrub removing any malware, threats, backdoors, compromised users and all potential or possible security threats.

Complete WordPress Security Solution

Exploits, Malware and Backdoors Scan

Prevent bad guys from compromising your website and your data. Make sure your site wasn’t already compromised. Assure it won’t be in the future.

Automatic backups

Regular backups allow us to make sure nothing is compromised – and should it ever be, allows painless restoration to a known good state.

24/7 monitoring

You can rest assured knowing that your website is being monitored and protected 24/7 via our central monitoring system.

WordPress Performance Optimization

Removing unnecessary plugins and optimizing running plugins is a great way to boost your WordPress website speed and reduce vulnerabilities.


Our website is central to our business and any downtime costs us dearly. Due to its traffic and popularity we get hack attempts and other threats daily. We never knew about them until we got hacked and blackmailed. This is when we found Awontis. Implementation took hours, they cleaned up and restored our site and their 24/7 security monitoring gives us a piece of mind that our website and our business is safe.

John Hoggs Minimal Inc.

Knowledge Base

Is it easy to implement on my existing website?

Yes, it is! The process of implementation is simple and non-intrusive. Our support team will perform the initial scans and set up 24/7 monitoring in hours.

Do I have to change hosts?

No, you don’t. Our security tools can be implemented on any WordPress website with any hosting provider.

Do you offer 24/7 monitoring?

Yes, we do. Our expert team and professional tools actively scan, monitor for uptime and prevent various threats to keep your website safe.

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