10 Oct

Is It Possible to Build a WordPress Website Without Coding

Running a website and setting it up was one of the hardest jobs only a few years ago, but with the advance of hosting solutions and easy-to-manage platforms like WordPress, it is an extremely straightforward process that everyone can achieve.
There are things you need to know though, before you get your fingers onto setting up your website:

Your website needs to be hosted on a server. In order to provide a host for your website, you first have to set up a hosting account. The officially recommended hosting company is Bluehost, and it comes with excellent customer support.

It is important to choose the right web host, simply because you will be able to create as many domains and sub domains as you want, meaning that on a single Bluehost account, you can have as many WordPress accounts as you want (for the same price). After you’ve found a place to host your website, you have to install a WordPress website on your hosting account.

After you have customized your WordPress website, you can create your first post. It’s that easy.

Also, you should know there are platforms that offer both hosting and help with setting up code-free websites with great design. The two most popular platforms in 2016 are Webydo and Visual Composer.

Webydo offers advanced cloud hosting, standard-compliant code and a Photoshop-like design studio. Webydo allows you to create easily responsive websites that are code-free. Also, this platform can be used for billing clients from the Webydo dashboard. Because of its advanced features, Webydo qualifies for the best framework for website development for designers.

Visual Composer is not an open-source development platform, but it makes it possible to work out Front-end or Back-end in a visual studio. Creating a web page seems like fun; you have the ability to choose from 40+ elements that you can easily drag and drop.

Creating a WordPress website without coding is not only possible, but you can do it in only 15 minutes! Setting up a WordPress website is now similar to opening a social media account – it’s all about clicking at the right place at the right time. There a lot of platforms, tools, programs and websites which are to bring your ideas to life. As we’ve already showed, you don’t have to know anything about coding – you just have to Google a little bit harder and find the appropriate tool.

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