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07 Nov

WordPress Plugins You SHOULD NEVER Use

Some say that WordPress software in its basic form is quite bare, thus putting its users in the position to install a significant number of plugins to compensate for innate shortcomings. However, there is another way to look at things here: the creators of WordPress may not want to limit users by forcing their own likes and dislikes, but choose to give them us much room as possible for them to realize their own ideas of how their business website should look like and perform. Yet, with over 50,000 free official plugins in the registry, how do you choose the right ones for your business website?

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23 Oct

Why Is Web Security Important for Small Businesses?

In this modern era of technological progress and advancing IT resources, small businesses have gained an amazing opportunity to level the playing field with the bigwigs in their niche and their fiercest competitors. A florist from Small Town, Canada, now has a chance to sell her creative flower arrangements across the globe if she is so inclined. Using WordPress, Flora has created a website for the (potential) customers to see what she has to offer and how it can be done.

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