10 Aug

Why Your Website Needs Security

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world not only because it’s free, but also because it’s an open source platform. Anyone with a little bit of skill is welcome to make improvements to the code, as well as tinker with available themes and plugins, and thus adjust them to their own needs and preferences. This is exactly what makes WordPress a great resource for building a website after your own heart. However, it’s also what makes it a security risk if not protected properly.

The public is still a bit on the fence about WordPress being an open source platform, and allowing basically anyone to work their way through it regardless of their intentions. However, the open source nature of the WordPress platform has so far been proven to be more beneficial than harmful.

Moreover, a WordPress powered website is more likely to be at risk through downloading themes and plugins from unsecure sources. Think about it this way – you don’t buy foreign currency from the shady guy on the street, you go to the bank for that. It’s the same thing with this – why would you risk your website’s health and business reputation by using themes and plugins you got for free from some shady guy on the web?

We can even take it a step further. Once you start working on the WordPress platform, and download a theme or a plugin, why don’t you update them regularly? Even if you don’t install a theme or a plugin or you do install it, but don’t use it, it is still a security hole waiting to let the bad guy in. The result – the house you so carefully built will start deteriorating in time unless you reinforce its construction frame regularly.

Even the most secure website in the world will not stay that way forever if left unattended.

Here’s why.

You may have built your website to be safe in a secure environment, but the Internet is constantly changing and thus affecting security levels. You cannot expect your website to be secure forever if it doesn’t keep up the pace with the environment it exists in. In WordPress, when a new security threat emerges, it is usually closely followed by the fix (thanks to the vigilant WordPress community). However, if you don’t apply the fix, you are still exposed to the threat.

And you do need to apply it fast!

The amount of time from when you hear about a security threat, to when it is fixed, to when you actually update your WordPress platform and all that comes with it with said fix, can mean the difference between your website being secure and being hacked. In most cases, some time passes between a threat becoming public knowledge and webmasters installing the fix for it. In that time, no matter if it’s a few days or a few hours, your website is vulnerable to all sorts of cyberattacks, which means your business is at risk.

Why your business, you might wonder?

Because your website is the reflection of your company.
It is your lifeline to your customers.
It is your source of income.

There is no limit to what cyber criminals might do once they gain access to your website. They can get a hold of your clients’ sensitive information. They can run malicious software using your servers. They can even leverage your site’s domain name and IP address.

Therefore, you owe it to your clients and customers to keep the information they entrusted you with safe if you want to continue doing business with them. If you lose your customers, that will tarnish your reputation as a safe business partner, which will lead to your decline and fall. Not to mention that if you are hacked, your site’s search engine rankings will plummet. You cannot even be sure which data is safe (and actually yours as oppose to that of the intruder), so you may not even be able to rebuild your website or install an older backed-up version. All of these potential disasters are surefire ways to lose money, and ultimately put you out of business.

Again, we come back to the fact that being cyberattacked is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure you have done everything possible on your end to ensure the security of your website. Do not fall victim to WordPress security myths and endanger your livelihood. There are ways for you to minimize the constant threat of doing business in the age of the Internet. You can back-up your data and update WordPress on a regular basis, you can harden up the security level on your login page or monitor possible changes on your website.

TLDR: Look at your website as a dear living and breathing pet. You wouldn’t leave your pet alone without food and water, right? Well, if you maintain your website regularly, you will not only help it grow, but also keep it safe and healthy in cyberspace.

Or you can have us do it all for you!

We have over 275 clients who are more than satisfied with our services. On more than 1500 websites we actively monitor, nearly 55,000 security threats were successfully prevented using our solution. Not only do we perform full WordPress security scans on the platform itself, we examine and secure all plugins in order to make sure there are no security threats. The websites under our protection are watched 24/7 for threats and updates, allowing the businesses they represent to thrive. Finally, the already compromised websites are fixed by being thoroughly cleaned of malicious content and protected from future threats.

Since no security threat can be removed permanently on the Internet, we will keep your defense line firm and evolving with security practices to keep you safe.

Call us today and never worry about WordPress security again!
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