19 Dec

4 Notorious WordPress Issues (and Their Solution)

If someone asked you what is it about WordPress that makes it so popular, you’d be able to shoot multiple answers within a second.

WordPress is easy. WordPress is intuitive. WordPress is user-friendly.
Those are only a handful of reasons why it runs more than a quarter of all the websites in the world.
You wouldn’t be too wrong if you said that WordPress has made the internet what it is today so that consumers can easily become producers. They can make their own blogs or websites, even if they can’t afford to pay sums of money to the internet geeks such as web designers, developers and other significant -ers.
The internet is easy. The internet is intuitive. The internet is user-friendly. All of this makes it almost too easy to forget that it needs maintenance and care. As all the good stuff normally do.

1) Whatever it is, you might lose it

The internet is a dynamic, all-growing phenomenon. It has an almost universe-like ways of expanding. Unlike the universe, it is run by humans and therefore prone to errors. Black holes of bad management can devour tons of your intellectual treasure.
So, before making any change to your website, you should perform a backup. If you decide to cancel the change, backup everything anyway. If you forget to backup, troubles might await beyond the corner.
Do those tiresome backups all the time. Or pick a solution that can save you the time.

2) Slow calls for slower

You’ve done everything you could do, and yet you don’t seem to get more traffic.
One of the reasons could be that your website is slow, and it’s getting even slower.
Is it the hosting service? Are you having too many categories? Some people even say the social media buttons can add to sluggishness. Is it too many plugins that don’t get along well with each other? Or is it the theme?
Your first-time visitors won’t bother with possible reasons. The X button saves them from waiting for yet another website to crash.

3) The milky screen of nothingness

You’re doing something and – pop! There’s the infamous white screen glaring at you. It doesn’t even bother to show you that idle Error 404 message. The white screen isn’t clickable. It isn’t even understandable. Glaring back at it won’t help.

4) Lousy protection

While you’re drinking your first morning coffee and scrolling down the list of all the daily assignments, security really doesn’t seem to be the most urgent thing to do. However, you should think twice before just dismissing the issue. Don’t hesitate or procrastinate when the driving force of your business is at stake! Hackers won’t contact you and ask when is it the most appropriate time to strike. You have to address this issue immediately.

You don’t have to waste your time caring about all of these issues. There are people that can do it for you. And contrary to the widespread belief, it won’t cost you much money. A comprehensive solution called Awontis can solve all of these problems and prevent future ones. Don’t jeopardize your business by taking bad care of your website.

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