06 Feb

8 Great Blogs About WordPress You Don’t Want to Miss

The greatest thing about WordPress is probably that you can start using its basic features without tons of previous reading and education. You don’t have to be a geek, or familiar with coding or anything. It is so intuitive and user-friendly that virtually anyone can sit down for a couple of hours and figure out how to run a blog or build a simple website, using features that are already there.

However, sooner or later, you’ll get past the phase when you have no questions to ask and need no advice or tutor.

As well as myriad users and thousands of contributors, WordPress also has many devoted and enthusiastic evangelists who have been using it, improving it AND writing about it for years.

Here are a few online havens we deem most worthy of your time and attention. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a blogger or a webmaster, you will find tons of useful information here.

Best way to begin: WP Beginner

The name says it all. If you’d like some help with choosing among thousands of themes and plugins, along with tips which themes are best for this industry or which plugins to use for that purpose, you’ve come to the right place. There are also tremendous amounts of How-To articles, which all of us love and need.

Going on with the WP prefix… with WP Tavern

If you want to always stay in the loop, read this blog on a daily basis, and you’ll never miss anything. If there was such a thing as the main WordPress news outlet, it would be this blog. If you like to listen to some elaborate audio content, we recommend you their weekly podcast, with more than 260 episodes covering interesting business and success stories, apart from the obvious topics such as WordPress usage.

You can manage ManageWP

A great platform for all the people who’d like to join the conversation. The very spirit of WordPress’ community culture is embodied in this blog. Actually, it is more like a social networking site, where everyone is encouraged to not only vote and comment other people’s stories, but also submit their own.

Torque does it in an elegant way

Suitably divided into multiple sections, depending on your level of WordPress skills, Torque is a publication of WP Engine (whose blog is also worth checking out) where you can find a bunch of useful and interesting stuff, from super helpful how-and-why kind of articles about a variety of WordPress issues to digital marketing fads, to short and sweet news-digesting weekly videos at Doc Pop’s News Drop section, and our personal favorite Torque Toons, also done by Doc Pop.

Let’s get more personal…

Enjoy while learning about the secrets of blogging with Lorelle

Apart from covering general WordPress topics, Lorelle’s specialty is blogging. She even has a section named Blog Exercises, where every article is a gem, not only in terms of useful advice Lorelle offers, but also because they are so nicely written, in a direct, warm and engaging tone, demonstrating the art of storytelling.

Relax while gathering new insights with Chris Lema

Great speakers have this skill of easily employing impressionable examples to illustrate complex topics, and tell complicated stuff in a simple way. They use words to paint a picture in your brain that can hardly ever get washed away.

Chris makes great use of his rhetorical skills on his blog which is mainly focused on business topics and marketing, besides WordPress and eCommerce. The best thing about it is that it is written in a plain and comprehensive way, for everyone to be able to read and understand, regardless of their previous experience or affinities.

Meet a non-geeky developer: Tom McFarlin

Are you fond of that greatest asset of blogging which has paradoxically become rather rare – a personal tone and perspective? If yes, you should start following Tom.

If you took a chance to scroll any of the blogs in the first section of this text, you’ve probably run into this name, as Tom’s articles are frequently curated on other blogs about WordPress.

The thing that makes him special is that he writes about techie dev stuff, along with hot topics (usually followed by equally hot discussions in the comments section), but does it in a way that is so smooth you won’t ever get tired.

Do it yourself with the help of WebsiteSetup.org

If you are just starting out or are running a small business, you are probably not flush with money, are you? It is only expected that you do all you can to take your business to the next level, so having a website representing your company (no matter how small) is not considered luxury these days, but a necessity.
Well, Robert Mening, the man behind WebsiteSetup is there to guide you through creating a website on your own – without paying obscene amounts of money to web designers and developers. Actually, he will help you do it for free!
Just take a look at his guides (on several website building and hosting topics) and shoot him an email with any questions – he is there to lend a hand. Thanks, Robert!

Do you have your own favorite blogs? Let us know in the comments section. We’d love to read them!

Or just contact Awontis today – we will keep you safe!
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