12 Sep

Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

If you are intending to set up your site yourself, the chances of making errors do increase. The way you’re going to think site-wise will depend on what you will use the website for, so we won’t try to give you advice on that. However, there are basic mistakes in setting up a WordPress site. Doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur – some things are to be avoided.

Here is the list of most common WordPress mistakes.

1) Utilizing a default theme while putting up a website

A default theme is the easiest to install. However, a website that is developed using the default theme that may be mismatched with the necessities will create your site less trustworthy and unappealing.

You should actually research and evaluate the theme you select for establishing your site to bring the best from it. There are numerous marketplaces available on the net to buy them, so all it takes is a little bit of searching before you made the choice.

2) Not caring about site loading speed

WordPress users often don’t think about this, but you might want to. According to the research visitors, leaves a website that take more than 3 seconds to load. So, first 3 seconds are very important for any site. If your website taking high load time, your visitors can move to other sites before they’ve reached your content.

3) Overuse of plugins

WordPress has a big library of plugins, and this is a great advantage of the platform. But, with the use of too many plugins, there might be conflict among them, so your site will be working slower. Before installing any plugin, you should care about its reputation.

Always try to use well coded and well-known plugins.

4) Not installing a cache plugin

When you get more traffic, you’ll want one to prevent website downtime or to keep your site from slowing down if you get a lot of traffic at once. A good plugin is WP Super Cache.

5) Hard-coding everything

Many people hard code their content into their custom page templates when they’re just starting out. This can make things harder to manage if you want to move your blog posts later on.

6) Not having a contact form

Not having a contact form will lead to receiving spam. In order to prevent this, provide a contact form for people to fill out instead of providing your email address.

7) Not moderating comments

If you don’t want comments on your site, then you can turn them off using the Disable Comments plugin. Otherwise, make sure you moderate your comments as you go, which entail approving comments, marking them as spam, etc. Without moderating, no comments will show up on your site.

8) Ignoring WordPress platform and plugin updates

The worst mistake you can make is ignoring the importance of WordPress updates, because this may result in security exposure. Whenever susceptibility or a bug is noticed, it approaches with a new update that you should pay attention.

You should always update your WordPress with a new version as soon as possible because it is developed for a suitable reason and giving better features. Along with WordPress platform updates, you should take care of WP plugins updates.

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