08 May
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27 Feb

Arm Yourself With 6 Means To Defend Your Website From Cyber Attacks

Methodology of cyber attacks has two main options. Either the attacker deliberately picks up a specific website he wants to hack, or he tries to target the widest possible number of websites which happen to have a certain kind of malfunctioning or just a weak spot, aiming to abuse that spot.

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13 Feb
30 Jan
12 Dec

What Hackers Do With Compromised WordPress Sites

We often talk to site owners who are surprised that their sites are targeted by attackers. Aside from data, a compromised site’s visitors can be monetized in various malicious ways. The web server can be used to run malicious software and host content and the reputation of the domain name and IP address can be le

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31 Oct

How to Remove Malware In 7 Steps

Malware is an abbreviated term meaning “malicious software.” This is software that is specifically designed to gain access or damage a computer without the knowledge of the owner. There are various types of malware including spyware, true viruses, worms, or any type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer. Generally, software is considered malware based on the intent of the creator rather than its actual features. Malware creation is on the rise due to the sheer volume of new types created daily and the lure of money that can be made through organized internet crime.

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03 Oct
10 Aug

Why Choose WordPress for Your Personal Blog

Wordpress is the internationally most known blog software. Today, Wordpress is used by more than
100.000 million websites that publish new posts every second. The most obvious reason why it makes sense to choose the Wordpress platform for setting up your personal blog is that Wordpress was termed as the new evolution of how websites are constructed.

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