27 Nov

6 WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

As the largest Content Management System (CMS) today, WordPress powers nearly 60% of all websites in the world. For each of those 66 and more million websites, one of the biggest concerns regarding user experience must be website loading time – the faster it loads, the more regular visitors it will have.

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13 Nov

5 WordPress Plugins Every Photographer Must Have on Their Website

If you are a budding photographer, only just starting out and getting a hang of the job – or even a seasoned professional – building a website to showcase your talent and expertise is the right way to go. But, to get the most of it, you need the perfect lineup of WordPress plugins.
Since basic SEO and speed optimization plugins are a must for every website, we will focus only on those specific to photography.

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31 Oct

The DO’s and DON’Ts of WordPress Security in 2017

2017 introduced new trends in securing WordPress powered websites. Hard gained previous experiences urge us what to do and what not to do today to avoid being the target of cyber attacks, so we have compiled these DO’s and DON’Ts you should follow if you want to keep your WordPress website safe.

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28 Aug
21 Aug

How to Stop User Registration Spam

We will share with you 7 ways to stop user registration spam by adjusting a few things in WordPress Admin Board as well as downloading and installing many of the available plugins to do the work for you.

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